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  • 2017-2018 Executive Board

    Kim Foreiter, '19


    Lorena Cacho, '18

    Vice President

    Joy Keat, '20

    GA Trainer and Co-Head Delegate

    Emma Rubin, '20

    Crisis Trainer and Co-Head Delegate

    Sabrina Edwards, '20


    Katherine Hoppe, '20

    Web and Media Director

    Zenia Saqib, '20

    Events & Outreach Co-coordinator

    Austen Borg, '20

    Events & Outreach Co-coordinator


    Member of the Week: Nathacha Almanzar '21

    Nathacha: Conviction, Confidence, and Positivity

    About Nathacha:

    "I'm from New York City, but my family is originally from the Dominican Republic. I'm interested in studying in History and Humanities. My favorite class this semester is Advanced Spanish. I love it because Spanish is my first language and we discuss topics around race and gender, which is exciting considering it's a language class. I'm interested in academic fields such as History and Humanities. My goal is to be a strong activist involved in the politics around race relations and immigration. I want to give back by making the immigration process easier. Since my parents are immigrants, I'm personally invested in this topic and know the hardships of this process."


    Why MUN?

    "I joined MUN because I want to be grounded in my words. Given my activist goals, I know that MUN will help me strengthen my voice and understand political relationships and policymaking spaces. MUN is going to teach me the speaking and social skills I need for my plans of making an impact."

    MUN Back At It

    MHC MUN Begins Training for '17-'18 Conferences

    With trainings and simulations underway, MHC MUN is looking forward to an exciting year of fierce competition and personal growth!

    MUN's Big Night In

    Fall Fundraiser Success

    Thank you to everyone who came out to our movie night in support of MHC MUN! We had a great time bonding over s'mores and watching Bend It Like Beckham.

    Distinguished Student Org Award

    April 19th, 2017


    We are so excited to announce that Mount Holyoke has recognized the Model UN club with this year's Distinguished Student Organization Award! A huge thanks to our wonderful members and lovely board for all of their hard work and in making this year such a huge success!

    Slaying NYUMUNC 2017


    Congratulations to our MUN team for rocking this year's NYUMUNC conference!


    The team did an astounding job and brought in six awards. We scored two Verbal Commendations, one Honorable Mention, two Outstanding Delegates, and a Best Delegate!


    Check out our Facebook page to read more and find out which of our kick-ass delegates brought home these wins.

    Strong Spring Start At HNMUN

    February 19th, 2017

    Congratulations to our HNMUN team on a wonderful performance this weekend! Special shoutout to the following delegates:


    Edith Amoafoa-Smart for earning the Outstanding Delegate award in the Special Summit on Sustainable Development

    Kimberly Foreiter & Joy Keat for earning an Honorable Mention award in DISEC


    You made us proud, as always.

    Guess Who Made Them Bleed?


    Our 8-member team had a wonderful performance at the New York University's Model UN Conference (NYUMUNC) with four awards; Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate and 2 Honorable Mentions. We couldn't be any prouder!


    An Innovative Conference Experience at Mount Holyoke College Hosted by the Five Colleges

    FCMUN Welcomes a New Team for 2017-2018

    We are excited to make FCMUN 2018 the most memorable conference yet.

    FCMUN X: Our 10th Annual Five College Model United Nations Conference...

    was spectacular! A warm thank you to everyone who organized, staffed, and participated in this year's Five College Conference, especially to our FCMUN Secretariat.


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